Friday, September 30, 2011

The Mint Green Dress

Hello Hello! Maybe it is just because I slept way too long last night or that I know something exciting is coming up, but I'm feeling refreshed and filled with the hope that some creative inspiration is on the horizon, after weeks of feeling somewhat blah.

Or then again maybe it is because I found one of the nicest dresses I have seen in a long time today! It is a little bit green, a little bit 1950's, a little bit lace, a little more then I wanted to spend and a little bit perfect! Isn't she lovely?

Oh and on a side note, I am very much aware that I have mispelled "clothes" on my label for "Cloths and Beauty Stuff"- what can I say, I must have been having an off day. But thanks for the many people who felt the need to let me know anyway. I have decided that what Disappear Here needs is a much needed make over, which will be happening soon so watch this space!


  1. Need a pic of you in it!
    Bill from T.O.

  2. dont you worry about those would be English teachers who are probably flunking life. To all of you concerning English and spelling freaks,The Agony of Dyslexia
    After Daylight Saving Time ended I stopped in to visit my dyslexic friend.
    He was busy covering his penis with black shoe polish.
    I said to him, "You idiot! You're supposed to turn your clock back!"


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