Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Postcard From London

Hello my lovely friends! I can not talk long as I places to go and people to meet in this lovely city of London.

I am having such a wonderful time- dancing until my feet are sore, drinking and eating in abundance and walking around in a twilight splendour.

We returned from Paris a few days ago, it was everything I always dreamed it would be and more! The spiralling streets, the beautiful people and the street screaming with history.

We meet some amazing people at Le Tape Bar in Bastille who we spent the night drinking Mojitos with and talking about the wonders of Paris. One of them decided I looked like a David Lynch character and took my picture for his Tumblr, you can check it out at

Must run, Au Revoir xo


  1. Laura Palmer? I can see it

  2. say hi to London from moi!
    Have a lovely time

  3. Supercute pictures. You look just like Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks!


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