Friday, January 21, 2011

The Unveiling

After a quick relapse in my memory this morning as to why I had had trouble getting comfortable for most of the night- I happily jumped out of bed to see how my pin curls had developed.

And now for those of you just as curious as I was, come with me for the unveiling...

Phase 1- I removed all the bobby pins to let loose all the springy curls

Phase 2 - The Brush Out, terribly frizzy at first- I was a little scared

Phase 3 - Slowly taming the curls a wee bit

Phase 4 - After an abundance of hair spray, the curls sit a bit better

Final Phase - So my first pin curls came out a little messy & frizzy, a little more Orphan Annie then Marylin Monroe, but I was still pretty pleased.

Stay tuned for my next Hair Adventure - Veronica Lake Locks!


  1. the curls are used to add a lusious volume to that Veronica Lake Locks look you ache for, they need to be brushed with a big curling brush at the ends, once you get a strong curl at the end the waves should then fall into place. see how you go I will be later to check on your work..

  2. OMG you look like your Aunty Fiona far out and foxed tailed do I rub my eyes or just go with the image of my daughter and sister looking back at me! xxxx


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