Friday, March 11, 2011

Moet & Painfully Trendy Bars

After a few hours of down time after our arrival, it was time for Sinead and myself to pull out our curlers, put on our dancing shoes and venture out into the buzzing streets of a warm Saturday night in New York City.

We started the night off at a cute little Indian Restaurant named Milon for some scumpilicious food and champagne. Milon was a terribly cute place that had colourful fairy lights and flowers that covered the entire surfaces, which made it feel like eating in a circus tent.

After din dins we walked on to a little bar called Ear Inn for some sour apple cocktails, before ending the night at the infamous Don Hills on Greenwich Street for some late night dancing.


  1. sounds like you're livin' the life Fee.... nice one!

  2. Looks amazing Feeona. This photo's are so cool and you guys look beautiful.


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