Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ding, Ding, Ding Went The Bell

Saturday night just past I was feeling pretty crumby for a while- I think being out in the sun all day stole all my energy and left me exhausted. But did I spend the night at home so I could recover you might ask? No, no I did not. But instead opted to meet up with some friends at El Mocambo to see a sweet little two piece band from Baltimore called Wye Oak- which even with the lead singer losing her voice, was still very good.

Unfortunately being the forgetful dweeb that I am I accidentally left my camera at home, so you only get to see how I looked for the evening and imagine the rest.


  1. I loveee your jacket! Especially over that lace top, the juxtaposition is wonderful :) xx

  2. I Sinead still is keeping her room clean?

  3. wheres me peanut butter????

  4. thanks for the photography tip feeona! <3 let me know if you want to know the same on some of my pictures...


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