Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Plan To Fight Boredom

Being in a state of stagnation can be a stifling thing, when you are waking up everyday and knowing how the day ahead is most likely going to turn out, then it makes it harder to really enjoy everything that this life has to offer. It is like reading a book when somebody has ruined the ending for you- you keep reading because its still enjoyable enough, but you know what its all leading up to ultimately and so the excitement for the unknown is gone.

This is why I always have plans coming out of my ears, to keep me motivated and amused at the same time. Plans that have been in my head for years but I am yet to achieve, plans that border on daydreams that I know will probably never take place but I formalize how I still might make them happen anyway and plans that maybe cropped up out of nowhere but I still start organizing for them straight away as to make sure they do happen. If I did not have them and everyday looked the same, then I would no doubt turn into a miserable, self-pitying, pessimistic bore who would constantly be thinking to myself Woe is me, why is life so boring?

So on that note I have decided to let you all in on three lovely little trips that I have been planning that will take place over the next few months to shake up my everyday routine a little bit for the better. Does anyone else have some nice getaways planned?

Montreal in April

That’s right in two weeks I shall finally visit the place that originally made me want to move to Canada in the first place, the picturesque city of Montreal.

Algonquin Park in May

Hiring a car with a group of friends and driving out to stay in a log cabin for a few nights within the acres of Algonquin Park sounds like a good time to me. Surrounded by Forrest, Lakes, Animals and starry skies… sounds lush.

New York In June

The newest edition to my always-changing list of plans! I just cannot seem to stay away from this amazing city and so what better way to spend my birthday then immersed in it’s bright lights and buzzing streets.


  1. I'd love to go to New York, it just seems so magical.

  2. I know what you mean about feeling so stagnant - I just end up feeling too stagnant to make the plans! Well done you for actually planning :) xx

  3. Montreal really does look amazing...but how can you beat NYC at any time of the year! Lucky girl, hope you have a blast on your trips!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  4. hi feeona,

    I just replied to your inquiry abt the photography tip to your hotmail address. :) enjoy practicing it!

  5. I haven't seen the film, but it looks interesting.

  6. you forgot to mention the trip your doing to come see your pretty sister...(:
    the most fun trip of all new zealand..... hahah so joking not quite as spectacular as New York, Montreal or this other place you mention but we'll make it fun anyway..

  7. I need a non boredom plan toooo! I've been feeling so restless these days. Sigh.

  8. sounds like such a good plan! i really think this is what life is about, having dreams and try as good as u can to make them happen :)

  9. the world awaits, it's yours for the taking dreams can materilize if you have the visions follow them they will take you where you want to go show you things your've never known' so hold on to those dreams cherry pie' never let them go.. Dream a little dream


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