Monday, April 11, 2011

Keeping Up Appearances

When I first came to Toronto last September, it wasn't long after that the weather had started to get quite chilled, which made it undesirable to explore the city as much as I would have liked to. So with the arrival of more and more sunshine every week in this lovely city, I find myself catching up on a lot of general exploring and enjoying the city all the more!

On Saturday I spent the day with the lovely Sinead and we caught the ferry over to Toronto Island to frolic around on the beach, get a nice healthy dose of Vitamin D and talk about all kinds of important things- such as tactics we could use to survive an attack by killer plants and which celebrities would play us in a movie about our lives. We stopped off at Captain Johns for some lunchie munchies first- which is a cute nautical themed restaurant that also happens to be on a ship down by the waterfront. And thus was my Saturday.


  1. I love that jacket its so funking funky

  2. these photo's are awesome...(:

  3. ahh what a great photos!
    love to have those photos!

    (L) great photograph

    i have a new post,maybe you can take a look!
    everyday a new post

    xxx mirjam

  4. Poo basket here! I remembered seeing that ship with the word captain on it last weekend when I was there. Awesome pics!

  5. it's so true, when i moved there it was about the same time of year and i don't drive so the whirly winds kept me underground or indoors a lot of the time. good gosh those wind tunnels are brutal on Avenue Rd. & Bloor!!! do they still hold Caribbean Days over on the Island? if so you should def check it out this summer, great times, music & food!

    your photos are amazing and make me "home" sick for a good dose of T-dot again soon. have you been to The Academy of Spherical Arts yet? the pool tables are all antiques and it makes for awesome photo seshs too. also, if you don't have a local hairstylist yet, friends of mine own a salon called domenico & drea, if you go ask for Andria and tell her Lynn sent you, she'd probably roll over and die but would give you the best service ever. cheers lades and thanks for the visit! ♥

  6. ahhh that jacket sure soes have a history..who knows where it begun before being on the back of nat the brat (too choppy)
    loving the photography ms feeona, i especially love the one of you on the ship with the mirror xoxo

  7. Hello Feeona,

    I am the author from, you recently commented on my blog. Hence, i checked out your blog too, and i love your blog & the shots too. Love the pastel tones on your pictures, how do you do that? and what camera are you using if you don't mind me asking?


  8. It just goes to show you how much adventure can be right in your own backyard!!!! Captain John's looks amazing...I love the old world charm the decor seems to have (esp. the bathroom...I love when places take the time to make the bathroom really pretty...:)).

  9. I've always wanted to eat on that boat, but I have to admit I've been too scared. how was the food?

  10. Lovely blog you have here! Great pics, looks like a fabulous day :) x

  11. Thanks for the lovely words folks! Caitlin the food was pretty nice, although I just got your basic fish and chips- hard to stuff up for a seafood place haha


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